“A rolling stone gathers no moss.”

We assume the form of the lives we craft for ourselves, and modern day professions and technologies have led us to become increasingly sedentary. Like the ways we eat, how we move or don’t will inevitably have both short and long-term effects on our physique, mood, sleep, energy, mental clarity and longevity. Following are tips on healthy movement, exercise tips and body awareness that empower men to not just survive, but thrive.

How I Finally Stopped Smoking

I have an addictive personality. When I discover something that brings me pleasure, I tend to go all in. Sports, studies, hobbies.   I also know that there are some things that bring me pleasure that aren’t good for me, or risk serious harm. Junk food, alcohol, drugs,...

Five Ways to Sleep Better

Why We Don’t Sleep Like We Used To As we age, many of us do not sleep as well as we did when younger. In college years, we may have been able to pass out cold on a couch or dorm room floor, but now, absent the assistance of alcohol, we may not sleep as soundly through...