“The paradox seems to be, that the truly free individual is free
only to the extent of his own self-mastery.
While those who will not govern themselves
are condemned to find masters to govern over them.”
– Socrates

The more we develop awareness of our own thought processes, the more we gain access to rewriting narratives that do not serve us, and cultivating mental habits that do. Here, discover simple methods for cultivating mindfulness, peace, confidence, presence and productivity.

How To Get Things Done When You Think You Have ADHD

I have long wondered if I have ADHD. It seems to be all the rage these days, and I hear more and more people talk about having it. As they describe their symptoms and challenges, I nod in agreement. “Inability to focus? I can relate to that. Feeling scattered or...

How I Finally Stopped Smoking

I have an addictive personality. When I discover something that brings me pleasure, I tend to go all in. Sports, studies, hobbies.   I also know that there are some things that bring me pleasure that aren’t good for me, or risk serious harm. Junk food, alcohol, drugs,...

Travel the World, Free Your Mind

Why you should leave the country every once in awhile       Formal education, family, mentors and work experience can serve us up to a point. However, if you have spent your entire life without ever leaving the comfort of your hometown, routine or language, you are...